Photoshop Basics


For this project, we had to follow a tutorial and make a photo design using photoshop. I chose to do the black a white picture and I used the black and white adjustment to make it black and white. Then I went over the entire background once with the burn tool, to make the background stand out a little more. I also went over my lips and my eyes to make them bolder as well. Lastly with the burn tool I went over the roots of my hair to add a darker look to them. I also used the paintbrush to make some areas a little darker than others by using black. And last of all I used the desaturate tool to make whole photo black and white at the very beginning.

Before Picture:








After Picture:

chloe black and white






What I Learned:

In this process, I learned how to better use each of the tools I used to design this. I learned that history only goes back so far on the tool bar! (I think). I also learned that to use the paintbrush and stuff you have to be very presise to make sure you don’t mess up!

Tutorial I Used:

Studio Lighting Project

Summary of Project:

For this project, I had to take four pictures. The first picture had to be a portrait photo of a person in the lighting studio doing the jawline and the sqiunch. The second photo I had to take was taking a picture of any product and then taking a product photo very close up. Lastly, I had to take a outside picture with and without the reflector and see just how well the picture turned out.

Portrait Studio:

In this photo, we used the studio with lights and a white background so thats lots of lighting would be there and only the person would be the focal point without any type of distracting background.

Product Studio:

I used a zoom lens to capture this photo. I decided to take a picture of another camera with one part blurred out and one part that wasn’t. I think it turned out pretty good and the lighting in the studio was very bright.

Outside Photo with Reflector: 

I used a reflector and bounced back light to capture this photo. I personally think that it was a little too bright but I thought it showed pretty well the difference between having a reflector and not having a reflector.

Outside Photo WITHOUT reflector: 

I really liked this picture a lot more because we took the picture right in front of a window and so A LOT of natural life was coming in.  So in the picture before when we added the reflector, because of where we took the picture there was too much light in the photo but this one with the natural light in the back was perfect.

What I Learned: 

In this project I learned that light really matters when you are taking a photo. Not a lot of light can look good, and an excessive amount of light can look good, and so can a perfect amount of light, it just depends on what you want your photo to look like and how it affects the picture. As I mentioned before, my picture was a little bit too bright because I already had a lot of natural light coming in because we decided to shoot it front of the window. So if we had changed locations the picture might have looked a bit better. But the picture did show how the reflector affects the picture.

Self Portrait Examples





This is a picture I found on . It shows a self portrait of a man reaching out his hand to another 2D hand so it appears that the hands are “drawing” eachother. What I love about this is how creative the photographer was and how he used different skills other than photography to achieve his photo.








This self portrait is like a selfie, taken by the photographer herself. She must of been pretty brave to lie down on the street of Paris where many people were bustling about.

Studio Photography

Why Use The Studio?

  • Good Lighting
  • Capture exact picture that you want
  • Everything is under your control

Floor based compared to Ceiling based

Ceiling Based

  • Mount backrollers on the ceiling
  • Don’t have to worry about lights knocking over

Floor Based

  • Portable
  • Easier to knock over things while in studio

Must be able to have control of the light in the studio, different studio lightings you can use include these things.

  • Cold lights
  • Warm lights
  • Hot lights
  • Sunlight

This is the website I used to find this information.