Final Project


For this project, we had to create a short video using our voice thread account. I first had to pick three projects that I was the most proud of in my edublogs account. Then, I had to embed them into flicker and post each individual project on a different video slide and explain what I did in the project using a audio recording. Then, I submitted all of that and put it into my blog post. The voice thread is linked down below.

VoiceThread Presentation:

Circle Polyorama


In this project, I will be creating a circle polyorama out of a picture I found on flickr. A circle polyorama is a panorama basically stretched around itself into a circle global figure. Using photoshop I first cropped the panorama into a 360 degree photo so that each side of the panorama “fit” into each other. Next I opened “image size” and made the height and the length the same on the panorama. Then, I rotated the picture 180 degrees so that it was upside down. After I went to filter -> distortion -> polar coordinates and made sure” regular to polar was checked. Then the round figure was made. After that I used the blur tool to blur out the harsh lines.


In this project I used photoshop to create a picture used off of a panorama I found on flickr. It took me awhile to find the exact right picture so that the picture would work but finally I found exactly the right one. I used Photoshop to create this.

  1. Better understanding of Adobe Photoshop
  2. Crop tool (to make it 360 panorama)
  3. Image size (changed length and width to the same)
  4. Rotate (rotated 180 degrees)
  5. Filter (distortion)
  6. Blur tool (blurred out any harsh lines)


First product: Panorama

Second product: Import into Photoshop

Third product: follow steps according tutorial

Fourth product: Import into Flickr

Fifth and final product: Make a blog post


Heres the tutorial I followed-

Heres the second tutorial I followed-

This is a good resource because it is off of a reliable channel and has a lot of views on YouTube. Plus, the fact that it actually worked when I tried it is also a good sign too.

Project Evidence:

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 11.51.01 AM



Here above is the final product.

What I Learned:

In this project I learned how to create a fun picture that you wouldn’t see in real life. I used my new and prior knowledge to create something great. I had a hard time finding a picture that would make itself into a global shape without looking off, but in the end after a lot of research I finally found a good photo that would work. Even though it’s not perfect, it definitely shows the effort that I put into the project.